Yes, white people can wear dreads. No, it's not cultural appropriation. I had this argument with a friend of mine who insists that there is an inherent cultural disrespect when white people wear dreads. My argument, dreads predate racial identity and were historically worn by people of all backgrounds.

Dreads were found to be worn by Neanderthals going as far back as the late Pleistocene period. We even see them in early Greek artwork and in illustrations of pirates.

The question isn't whether white people should wear dreads. The real question is whether anyone should even wear dreads. Personally, I find them to be kind of gross.
3mo ago
Chill beyond belief
@Janory I agree that dreads can be worn by anyone. But you lost me at “I find them to be kind of gross.” Dreads are bad ass. Can’t tell me this doesn’t look bad ass
3mo ago

Live to be active
@Janory Your last point will be my first point, regardless of who the dreads are on, they’re gross!

Secondly, I’m not much for profiling but I would find it disturbingly odd if I saw whites men walking around with dreads to their ass. It just doesn’t look right and at this point in time, they wouldn’t be accepted either. Someone out of nowhere would say that they’re mocking the way some black men represent themselves.
3mo ago

Tough B
@Redmythic HE looks bad ass and delicious! But he’s Hawaiian and he has the body and personality to go with the clean cut semi-dreads.

Not sure if this was the best example but I definitely appreciate this view in the morning.
3mo ago

@Janory Anyone could wear them!!! But god man they are gross as hell. Grew up skateboarding and had a friend with super long dreads and man it smelled so bad. Every now and then I’d notice he’d have like dirt or something in there. I’m good man don’t like dreads on anyone. But feel free to do so ! Lol
3mo ago

Living and breathing
@ElNino2118 Yikes. That’s why no matter how clean someone is, I’ll always think they’re dirty if they have dreads. Same goes for those long unkept hipster beards
3mo ago

I'm new here
@ElNino2118 I’m about the hippie lifestyle. But the scent that comes from unwashed, oily hair is disturbing. Ugh, how can you sleep knowing you haven’t washed your hair or scalp for months at a time.
3mo ago

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