Will modern music ever be as good? There's something very different about 80s music. You hear it the moment you play a song. There's a personality to it. Artists back then told stories, and they took risks in making those stories come alive in music. They experimented with different styles, instruments and sounds to create music that we're all still jamming to 3 decades later.

Today's music all seems to sound the same. The lyrics don't tell stories, and the artists don't take risks. Today's musicians are more concerned with their image than their music, and they use their stardom to sell products rather than touch people's hearts.

It's a shame that today's youth is missing out on their own iconic decade for art, music and style.
3mo ago
Think about it.
@Velocity1 I agree. The 80s in general just felt like peak America. It was an iconic decade, and I don’t think we’ll see another like it for quite some time
3mo ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@Velocity1 How about the 90’s? I’d say they’re just as great, if not better. Your point about the songs being made up of heart felt stories that till this day can’t be compared to is something the next decades will never have.

Let’s not forget the magnificent, naturally talented voices from these artists. Today, it’s all computer generated.
3mo ago

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