I believe animals hold the secret of the universe. People often struggle to contain their animalistic tendencies. But maybe we should be embracing them. Animals seem to have it all figured out. They eat, they poop, they sleep. And occasionally they mate too.

In the animal kingdom, it all seems so effortless. Animals aren’t out there judging one another. Yellow cats don’t hate grey cats. Big dogs don’t hate small dogs. They just exist.

I think animals figured it out a long time ago. Maybe there was an advanced cat civilization thousands of years ago, but they realized it was better to live a simpler life. So they wiped out all traces of their society and chose to live a life of naps, treats and delight.

Maybe one day we’ll make that choice too.
3mo ago
Knowledge is my motto
@Aquillo I wish!
3mo ago

No time for BS
@Aquillo Don’t they have worker bees and ants. Don’t monkeys have a hierarchy of who’s above who. Or lions, etc. I don’t see animals being any different than us. Each species think they’re above the other and don’t get treated the same. Nice try though.
3mo ago

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