Mark my words, polyamory is the future of romance. People like to think that monogamy is the natural state of a romantic relationship. But the reality is that a two-person partnership is actually an aberration. Among mammals in general, monogamy occurs in only 3% of species in the animal kingdom. In marine mammals especially, it's practically unheard of.

Younger generations are now starting to realize that monogamy has outlived its purpose. The idea of spending a lifetime with one person may have made sense fifty years ago when our average life expectancy was 68. But, as advancements in medicine have us living much longer, it's almost selfish to expect a person to stay with you for the entirety of their life.

Beyond this, there's the aspect of how connected we are in our modern world. Through social media, we are connecting and reconnecting with others in ways never possible before. Remember that crush you had back in high school? Well, now you can find him or her on Facebook and reignite the flame. Or perhaps you met someone online that understands you in a way that your current partner doesn't. Should you end your relationship in pursuit of another? Why not simply extend your love to encompass both individuals?

Love is a beautiful thing. And, in my opinion, it's time we embrace its next evolution. The world will be a happier place when those who can love can love freely and can love many.
3mo ago
Rated #1 Dad
@Trudell I hear this a lot, and each time, I question how a polyamorous relationship would affect the nature of a family. I feel like kids need to see love, loyalty and devotion among two individuals. Adding more to the equation needlessly confuses things for them.
3mo ago

Truer words never spoken
@Trudell Sure, except humans have yet to figure out jealousy, and I don’t think we ever will.
3mo ago

Life Lover
@Trudell I agree completely. Although I’m happily married, I can’t expect that my husband will fulfill me in every which way I need. It’s unfair to him and unfair to me. An open relationship solves that problem, and that’s why I agree that it’s love’s next evolution
3mo ago

I’m a mom
@RyanTilson Absolutely! We as parents have a responsibility to teach, show and love our children. To bring a third party, either openly or on the side is absolutely absurd. It’s confusing and gives the wrong message.
3mo ago

I'm new here
@Trudell If we stop being monogamous, the world will turn into a giant orgy!
2mo ago

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