Leave that mess alone! We've all heard that a tidy environment can reduce stress levels and increase concentration. But, as someone who works in a creative field, I've found that a little disorder has its own set of benefits.

Personally, I've found that my art tends to reflect my environment. When working in a highly organized area, my work begins to feel rigid and sterile. Add a little clutter, and things start to look interesting and fun.

But don't just take my word for it. Researchers at the University of Michigan recently conducted a study showing that environmental disorder can actually stimulate creativity. They placed different sets of students in organized environments and others in cluttered areas and asked them to come up with ideas to solve a particular problem. What they found was that the students in cluttered areas came up with more ideas, and even more innovative ones, than the students working in organized environments.

So to the Marie Kondo types out there, I say leave that mess alone! A little disorder can go a long way for those of us working on creative endeavors.
3mo ago
Here x Now
@MaryEl I wish you were around to tell my mom this when I was growing up.
3mo ago

Write & Unite
@MaryEl I do find that a small contained mess often helps me out of a writer’s block. But I can’t write for a sustainable period of time with clutter around. My thoughts quickly become as messy as my environment.

To each his own, I guess. I know quite a few writers who thrive under chaos.
3mo ago

Just Another Patriot
@MaryEl I’m the opposite, a bit of clutter and I feel like my life is spiraling out of control
3mo ago

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