Torture. Nowadays it's the only way to meet people but I've had nothing but bad experiences from it. It seems like they put up a facade and try to win you over until you actually meet them. Its so disappointing being lied to while pouring your heart out to someone who you hope you will potentially have a future with.

At least that's my experience. I used to blame myself that I didn't want to give people a chance. In the end, these guys weren't for me and I am better off waiting for my Mr. Right than settling.
3mo ago
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Rated #1 Dad
@Jordan I actually met my wife through a dating site! I had to go through plenty of bad dates before meeting her, but it’s all been worth it. A marriage and two beautiful children later, and we couldn’t be happier.

Don’t give up completely on online dating, but I’d also recommend trying out a few other things too. Meetups, associations, events, etc. are also great ways to meet people with less stress.
3mo ago

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