I asked my mom one night how it felt being in the sunset of her life. I looked at her as she started to respond. Her body is frail, and her voice, once loud and strong, is now dimmed and slow. I got closer to hear her voice.

“I’m ninety-two,” she said. “I’ve lost all my dear brothers and sisters, and a great deal of other family members too. And the few friends I had left are now gone or away somewhere else.

Your dad was my soulmate, and when he died, the story we built together became something of a distant past. The world I knew is now strange and inhospitable for people my age.

I have you, your brother and my two grandkids. But you guys are not enough to fill the void left by what was once my life. It feels there is no more purpose, no more dreams, just waiting. Death is inevitable and I am ready.”

Her words were harsh, and there was not much else to say to change her feelings. I stood, grab her hands and invited to join me for a cup of her favorite ice cream.
8d ago
Knowledge is my motto
@MsRose It is hard to see our parents aging and practically fading away. Life is so ephemeral.
8d ago

Free Spirit
@MsRose Literally crying right now. Watching loved ones get old and frail is one of the hardest things I’ve gone through. Their weaknesses feel like my weakness, their hurt is my hurt.

All you can do is unconditionally love and support them as they have you. They need you more than ever and although her words may have been harsh to hear, her everyday is hard to live. I say this from experience, I will love my family with everything that I have for always and I know you will show her the same love.
8d ago

Student of the Esoteric
@Jordan “Her everyday is hard to live” thanks for your comments. I offer her so much that I missed to see her view point.
7d ago

one of the original members
@MsRose Nobody should fear getting older. Life is great. Everyone should enjoy each phase of their life. There are things i enjoyed in my thirties that didn’t interest me in my twenties and so forth. Enjoy each decade so you won’t have a midlife crisis in you fifties. Each phase has individual opportunities!
5d ago

Student of the Esoteric
@mark Absolutely. Thanks for your encouraging words.
5d ago

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