Inconsiderate office mates. As I’m sitting here, working away. The individual across from me is having a whole conversation on speaker about his weekend and all the details that I don’t care to hear. To have your personal call, on speaker, during work hours is asinine and rude!!
3mo ago
Trying to take it easy
@HelgaS I have a coworker who does this, and it irks me like nothing else. Customers come in, and she ignores them until she finishes her phone call with god knows who. Of course, that means more work for me
3mo ago

@MellowDee That is so frustrating, I’m sorry you have to go through that. Any way you can calmly explain to her that those calls are inappropriate and that you need her to assist, especially when clients are calling or coming in?
3mo ago

Live to be active
@HelgaS Easier said than done, I’m sure. I agree about calling her out.
3mo ago

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