The latest in sexual technology: teledildonics. Let that word sink in for a moment. Teledildonics. What is that, you ask? Oh, it's just internet connected sex toys is all. Now that the 20-year patent on virtually controlled sexual aids has expired, we're about to see a free-for-all in sex-tech.

Imagine meeting someone online and immediately feeling a sexual connection. Well, you'll soon be able to take that connection to the next level. Your internet romance will be able to get you off by remotely controlling a dildo, fleshlight or whatever else does it for you. There’s even chatter about creating teledildonic suits capable of stimulating you in ways never thought possible.

Welcome to the future, everybody. And say goodbye to real sex.
3mo ago
Digitally transient
@Trudell Teledildonics is now my new favorite word. It’ll be interesting watching this play out. Doubt it’ll have any impact on real sexual activity though. Nothing like skin-on-skin contact.
3mo ago

Here x Now
@Trudell What a time to be alive.
3mo ago

Chill beyond belief
@Trudell 🥴 I don’t know what this emoji means, but this is how I felt after reading this
3mo ago

Made you think
@Trudell Hi, I’m Fritzen and I’m a telesexual. Probably the world’s first too.
3mo ago

Free Spirit
@Redmythic Lol!! I feel the same. There are enough freaks and weirdos in this world, we do t need to encourage more strange behavior 🥴
3mo ago

I'm new here
@Trudell I could see this being a thing for long distance relationships for when couples are apart for work or school or something. I could see how it might actually help keep the relationship feeling maybe just a bit more normal, however as others have said I’m sure it wouldn’t compare to physical contact.
3mo ago

@Trudell If a hacker hacks into your teledildonic suit and engages in nonconsensual telesexual activity, would it be considered rape?
3mo ago

No time for BS
@jenni0220 Nice positive spin
3mo ago

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