0 for Pro-choice I leave this decision up to the women. What i do find odd is that states like Alabama that are so against abortion are the same states that allocate the fewest resources to the child once it is born!🧐
11d ago
@mark Absolutely it should be the woman’s choice. If the woman is carrying the child and having her body go through so many changes and possible issues at birth, she should have the final say as to whether she wants the baby or not.

Mark, I didn’t realize that there are states that are against abortion but don’t support children after birth, that’s a good point.
4mo ago

My two cents
@mark Pretty much sums up the conservative view. “We care and value all life! So long as the burden of care falls on the mother and not the state.”
4mo ago

I'm new here
@mark This is a difficult subject but ultimately it should be the woman’s choice. Sometimes it is better to not carry the child to full term, rather than the child be born to a difficult or disappointing life. Not all can provide for a child and I commend them for making the right choice.

There are plenty of children in this world that would love a good home, no need to add more deprived children in the mix. I find it better to take care of the ones that are already here the focus on the ones not here yet.
4mo ago

Here’s a thought
@Trudell As it should.
4mo ago

I'm new here
@Trudell That’s not true my friend. Who told you that?
11d ago

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