Ladies don’t overdo it. It’s great that women are strong, independent and excel in roles that were exclusively reserved for men in the past. But please ladies don’t overdo it.
The innate desire to feel needed and in charge is part of our nature.
In other words we, regardless of our social upbringing, actually enjoy protecting and helping a woman in need.

Even if you can change a flat tire, ask the man in your life. Let him lift the heavy boxes, without insisting you can do it. There is a reason nature gave us more testosterone and physical strength. We don’t want another man in our lives, we want a woman with her own unique set of strengths and qualities that for sure surpass those of any man.
6mo ago
My two cents
@FelipeRojas Second this. Ladies, let us be men 💪. We can play off each other’s strengths and both be better off for it
6mo ago

I'm new here
@Trudell Absolutely agree! Playing off each other’s strengths is key to happy life together.
6mo ago

Free Spirit
@FelipeRojas You said it perfectly, it’s in your nature to protect us and be that support we need. Society, lately has been forcing women to be strong and independent. Maybe some are taking it too far.

I for one, enjoy being independent and am usually the one helping others. So when I do have my man help me, even with holding something for me or walking by my side there’s a sense of security and love.

As women we should make our men feel needed and wanted. In my opinion, it’s healthier for the relationship. I’m grateful that I have someone special in my life that is there for me and hope to be there for him with my own strengths.
6mo ago

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