We can make prisons more useful by conducting scientific experiments on inmates. Specifically death row inmates or criminals sentenced for life. In many cases, these criminals committed violent crimes that ended a life and destroyed many others. By becoming the subject of scientific, medical and psychological experimentation, these inmates could redeem themselves by helping to save countless lives.

Our ethical bounds have, so far, limited us in the fields of medicine, psychology and neurology. In my opinion, this is an ethically permissible way to finally discover the cures to some of our deadliest diseases and uncover the inner workings of the brain. Why waste a human body?
5mo ago
The right way is to your left
@JonOsman Slippery slope. If our ethical bounds have exceptions, society crumbles.
5mo ago

I'm new here
@JonOsman Slippery slope, made me think of slippery soap. Which then led me to think about the inmates that get bent over for hurting innocent women and children. Those might be the ones that volunteer to be part of an experiment over getting bent over picking up the bar of soap.
5mo ago

@JonOsman At first i thought this was ludicrous but the more i think of it, why not? If these criminals can do the unthinkable to so many innocent people and never really learn from it, why not be the guinea pigs we can learn from.
5mo ago

Free Spirit
@FloraLini That is hysterical! I can see where you were going with this. Having these people become an experiment can be quite controversial. I guess the argument would be if you’re not intentionally hurting anyone but they could be a benefit for others, maybe it’s worth thinking about.
5mo ago

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