Another way to avoid spending money on the sick and the helpless. There's nothing out there for us right now. Every dollar we spend exploring the endless void of space is a dollar we take away from life-saving research, feeding the hungry, and improving the lives of our fellow people. Space exploration is nothing more than a way for the rich and powerful to flex their muscles.
6mo ago
Ready to explore
@IceyBlue Can’t agree with you there... We can thank NASA's research for bringing us innovations in water purification, fire and heat containment, food safety, transportation safety, and so much more. Most of all, though, we can thank our early space pioneers for bringing awe back into the hearts of millions and for inspiring an entire generation of young people to study science, technology and engineering.

There’s definitely more to space exploration that flexing muscles or traveling through an endless void.
6mo ago

The right way is to your left
@IceyBlue Why not both? Let's trim defense spending and increase the budget for health and science.
6mo ago

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