He was my charming prince and I felt secure in his castle. Soon after my divorce, I started therapy sessions to help me overcome the feeling of despair that was crippling my life. It was a very dark place to be.

But after a few months in session, my therapist helped me see that my feelings were rooted in a psychological complex that made me believe I needed a husband to define myself.

It took some work, but slowly I am learning to manage my finances and make decisions to change my circumstances. So far, I‘m content and happy that the need for dependency can be a thing of the past.
7mo ago
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Tough B
@VeronicaBee01 Congratulations on finding your independence. I am very much for women who can take care of themselves and not NEED a man but want a man. Life is better lived when you're comfortable with yourself either with someone or alone. Your significant other should compliment you, not complete you. Good job!
7mo ago

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