Did someone say free lunch? If it were truly the case that President Trump is one of the least-liked U.S. Presidents in modern history, going up against him in 2020 should be a walk in the park. And yet, the current state of the presidential race shows us a very different story.

Today's democratic candidates are competing against one another in a race to the bottom. Who can make the biggest promise? Will it be Bernie Sanders and his plan to forgive all student loan debt? Or will it be Andrew Yang and his $1,000/month no-strings-attached Freedom Dividend? Or maybe it'll be Elizabeth Warren with her promise to lower rent by 10% and provide universal childcare for all.

At this point, the democrats are willing to say whatever it takes to ensure victory--even if it means deceiving the public into believing any of these promises are even remotely possible.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we should each think critically of the 'free stuff' campaigns these candidates are running.
3mo ago
Truth Seeker
@JonOsman The policies proposed by both Warren and Harris to lower housing costs are a must. Think about how much of your income goes towards rent. And while that number continues to increase, our wages aren’t catching up. This is a problem, and it’s just one of many the Democrats are hoping to fix.
3mo ago

Live to be active
@JonOsman Vote Trump 2020 if you want a better life and future for your children. All of these candidates aren’t worth the toilet paper Trump wipes his ass with, IMO.
3mo ago

@AndresLife Let’s make America even better for another 4 years!
3mo ago

The right way is to your left
@JonOsman The question I’ll pose to you and some of the other commenters on here is this: Do you believe that rising housing costs and crippling student loans are not issues that need to be addressed?
3mo ago

I'm new here
@JonOsman I truly think candidates who build their platforms upon these promises are planning to make an impact in the distant future, not within the next five years. I believe they’re trying to get the ball rolling so that in time, these things become doable. They’ll never get done with so many people campaigning so avidly against them. And for what reason? Are there really people who don’t want college and housing and living to be affordable? Just seems like a no-brainer to me.
3mo ago

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