I feel I‘ll never be able to draw the pride in my parent eyes the same way my sister does. My sister‘s charming, tall and beautiful. She has the look of a runway model. But besides her beauty, she’s also very intelligent. She graduated with a PhD and has been published many times. Since my earliest memory, she’s always been the one person my parents loved to brag about.

I love my sister to pieces, but secretly I resent her. I feel she has overshadowed my growth and I would never be able to shatter the glass ceiling she’s created with her achievements. Sometimes, I wonder if the only solution to overcome this feeling is to move away and start a new life somewhere else. Away from her shadow, closer to the sun.
7mo ago
Free Spirit
@VeronicaBee01 No way!! You’re special in your own way. I know it’s easier said than done but don’t compare yourself. She may have accomplished more on paper but that doesn’t make her any more special.

If you love her and you two have a great relationship, try to focus on that instead of what you think you’re lacking. You’re beautiful just the way you are.
7mo ago

I think therefore I am
@VeronicaBee01 Thanks Jordan, your comment is very important to me.
6mo ago

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