I got rid of my frenemies. Last year, I decided that anyone on my list of friends that fits the frenemy profile was going to be removed once and for all. I was tired of pretending I wasn’t paying attention to their selfish and envious behaviors. This type of so called friend would throw you under the bus and gossip behind your back with no regards for your feelings whatsoever. And you know what’s the worst part? They will sabotage your advancement any chance they get.

I had this happen not too long ago. I got a modeling gig that paid very well, and I excitedly told a “friend” of mine all about it. Well, she went straight to the head of the agency and told him that he overpaid me. I later found out that she was sleeping with him!

He paid me for the first portion and later tried to renegotiate a lower salary (which he couldn’t, as it was under contract). He never called me again, and I lost a very good opportunity to continue boosting my portfolio. That day I took paper and pen and said bye-bye frenemies.
16d ago
Knowledge is my motto
@TresJolie Good for you! We all should do the same.
7mo ago

No time for BS
@TresJolie Unfortunately most friends today are frenemies. In the work force, personally with friends and sometimes family, it’s easier to be sabotaged than truly looked out for. Good for you in being able to write them off.
17d ago

I'm new here
@TresJolie You’ll only have a few good friends in your lifetime. The rest are just acquaintance. Those acquaintances are just markers in different stages and phases in your life. Experience will teach you the different. Your on a great start.
16d ago

Nonconformist call it as it is
@wildflower1 You are sooo right only experience can teach the difference!
16d ago

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