Respect for the dead is important, but funerals are just a drain on the living. Throughout my life, I've had the misfortune of attending several funerals held by families of all walks of life. The one thing I noticed is that no matter whether the family was wealthy or just getting by, each ceremony cost a fortune. Families felt that it was their obligation to spend tens of thousands of dollars between caskets, suits, burial plots, etc. etc. etc.

The average funeral in America costs upwards of $7k. For many of us, this unexpected cost could result in tremendous financial turmoil. It's my belief that the loved ones that leave us behind wouldn't want this for us. For their sake and ours, we should rethink the way we approach these ceremonies.
3mo ago
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Living and breathing
@Rhona My father felt the same way you did. When he passed unexpectedly, our family was in complete shock. We knew he didn't want any sort of ceremony, but we did one anyway. He left a lot of people behind, and we needed closure. Funerals aren't for the dead, they're for the living. Death is such a shattering event. $7k, $10k, $15k on a funeral doesn't matter.
3mo ago

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