Climate change deniers are the new flat earthers. With the amount of information we have at our fingertips today, there's no excuse to be ignorant of the facts. The scientific community has presented substantial evidence that climate change is in fact real. And not only is it real, but it's also humanity's greatest existential crisis at the moment.

I'm 100% in favor of any climate change policy that moves us in the right direction. We may not be able to prevent what's coming, but we can do whatever possible to curb the progress and limit catastrophic harm.
6mo ago
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@NoahStein At this stage denying climate change and humanity's role in it is a crime against life itself. Hopefully, we won't have to witness the death or displacement of millions due to severe weather. But if we do, the blood is on the hands of every individual who impeded progress.
6mo ago

Red wine lover
@NoahStein Can't compare the two. Flat earthers are delusional, where climate change is a much more nuanced subject. Most people aren't denying that Earth's climate is changing. They're denying humanity's role in causing this change. There's solid evidence on both sides of this argument.
6mo ago

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@SherryWine I agree with sherry wine. Maybe climate does goes through cycles that are not manmade. But if their is a possibility we can take better care of this planet why not do it! Who has a problem with a cleaner world!!!
6mo ago

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