In a perfect world crime would not exist Why do we have to live afraid of other fellow humans? In constant awareness of those that, in a heart beat won’t have any hesitation to violate or deprive us of our basic human rights to live in peace and security.

A friend of my mom was just robbed $5000 dollars by a scammer that impersonated her granddaughter on social media.

The scam goes around affecting the most vulnerable of our society.
But I firmly believe, what goes around comes around, and sooner or later our actions catch-up with us. Criminals are not the
exceptions. Watch out guys, karma is coming for you too!
7mo ago
Tough B
@EvaKlark Damn right, karma is a b**ch and she’s coming for ya! No one is invincible and when you least expect it, boom, there she is.

Be aware and on guard all of the time. Sleep with one eye open, if you have something to worry about.
7mo ago

Knowledge is my motto
@EvaKlark Organized crime is everywhere. Insurance fraud is another one of them. These people are provoking accidents and demanding insurance companies over minor crashes. Recently I’ve been warned of a scheme going on: It seems that this group are targeting drivers around construction zones. Apparently they wait near stop signs with difficulty visibility. When the driver enter the road they rush and let their cars be side slammed. Usually three or four people are in the car. And one of them claim having a recent surgery or coming from surgery. Few days later, the insurance company of the driver at fault (the one that “supposedly didn’t stop”) is sued by each driver claiming severe injuries. Someone I know received a 130,000 law-suit!!! #totallyscam
7mo ago

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