Why bother with appearances? Our mind sees what it wants to see. Give this a try. Take a glance at the photo below. Nice looking group of friends, right? Now turn your phone upside down. What do you see?
4mo ago
Questioning everything
@Rhona Lol, didn’t see that coming. Yet even after seeing what it looks like flipped upside down, I still see a completely normal group of people when it’s right side up (or wrong side up, I guess)
4mo ago

Pro do-nothinger
@Rhona Came across a video with another example of this. Really weird how our brain processes images. Makes you think twice about how we really look to others lol
4mo ago

@Rhona I like where you going with that in the fact that appearances aren’t the real story. Everyone of us has our own war within. If you pay attention to the details about someone and their actions and vibes, you can usually figure out what they’re about. Plus you can never truly know someone else 100%
4mo ago

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