How can a show be so funny and so sad all at the same time? Baskets is excellent comedy. It has smart and subtle humor, lovable characters and great acting. Yet despite being a comedy, the show isn’t afraid to take you to dark places. Each episode can take a sudden turn into an honest and emotional place that not enough comedies venture into.

The character of Christine Baskets, played by Louie Anderson, is my absolute favorite. Her character has given me the best laughs, and yet watching her breaks my heart every time. Beneath her stern looks and funny jabs, there’s pain. And Louie’s performance does a great job showing you small hints of that internal pain. Here’s one of my favorite scenes. There’s no wonder why he’s been nominated 3 consecutive times for his role.
7mo ago
Digitally transient
@ExAmos Watched an episode for the first time a couple weeks ago. I had no idea that Christine Baskets was played by a man. Didn’t know who Louie Anderson was until now to be honest. But now I love him! He’s killing it as Christine
7mo ago

Chill beyond belief
@ExAmos Shout out to Christine Baskets! She reminds me of my own mom, down to the facial expressions and the deep sigh of disappointment
7mo ago

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