Society's expectations of male attractiveness are more toxic than the standards set on women. We always hear about the emotional and physical stress that women experience with society's beauty standards. But what about men? Not only are men also expected to look fit, have great hair, and wear stylish clothing, we're also expected to do it all without even trying.

Men are expected to spend just a few minutes getting ready. We're expected to not care about what we wear. We're expected to have a great job and make great money. And all of these expectations are never acknowledged, and we're never shown any support. For this reason, I do believe that male beauty standards are just as—if not more—unhealthy than standards placed on women.
4mo ago
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@JonOsman Really? More toxic? Have you ever been completely ignored, mistreated and even insulted just because you didn’t wear makeup? Or because you chose to wear a comfortable pair of flip flops rather than heels?

I hear you, beauty standards are toxic all around. But we live with it from the moment we’re born.
4mo ago

Here’s a thought
@MaryEl I’ve been mistreated in a very different kind of way. My worth to other women is based on how much I make, or what I can do for them. I have to wear the hat of the “provider” all while pretending I don’t need anything myself.

Like you said, beauty standards are toxic all around.
4mo ago

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@JonOsman Society’s standards of beauty are toxic for both men and women. But men don’t have it worse than women. I get where you’re coming from, but it’s simply not on the same level. At least men get the opportunity to talk about what they do, etc. Women are defined by their looks, as far as the media’s concerned. This reminds me of an article I saw where a celebrity was saving someone from drowning...and the magazine talked about her ‘nip slip.’ It’s terrible on both sides, but it’s just not the same.
4mo ago

Better days ahead
@jenni0220 Heidi Klum, I remember. The headlines were outrageous. “Heidi Klum suffers Nip Slip while saving son and nanny.” Completely ridiculous
4mo ago

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