Don’t Live A Lie Well, I’m older. And I’m not sure if it sounds bad but I wish my parents got a divorce years ago. My mom clearly is in love with another man, and my father has no ambition to win her.
I use to pray and hope they’d fall in love again but the older I got the more I realized this would be the best thing for them, a second chance at true love. Just not sure how I feel being older and seeing my parents go through a actual divorce. But idk about you Guys but don’t live a lie. If you aren’t happy get out of the marriage and chase happiness !
3mo ago
Your average, everyday.
@ElNino2118 Tough to spend a lifetime with someone if love isn't there. But, love's a tricky thing. Sometimes you feel it intensely. Other times you don't. That's why I think a good marriage should be based on so much more than love. It should be a partnership where both individuals look out for one another's best interest.

But overall I do agree with you. We get one shot at life, and spending it with someone who doesn't make us happy is a recipe for a miserable existence.
3mo ago

Chill beyond belief
@ElNino2118 I'm with you. Divorce gets a bad rap, but I'd rather see a couple split up than split each other's heads open.
3mo ago

The view is from the top
@ElNino2118 Very profound you clearly put your heart out in that post. Thanks for sharing.
3mo ago

Free Spirit
@ElNino2118 Such a tough subject, in my opinion. I've heard of many "children" regardless their age, wish for their parents to have divorced.

If it is a home filled with turmoil and pain, then I can understand the need or want. But if it's 2 people who have gotten older and don't care to put up with their shit anymore then that is something else.

What I can agree with is wishing and wasting your parents to get along and love each other but unfortunately it doesn't always work out that way.

One of my biggest fears is to live through an unhappy, toxic relationship; ultimately resulting in a divorce.

I really hope and pray that the person I end up with is my better half who completes me and makes life better.
3mo ago

@ElNino2118 My parents divorced just a couple years ago at a late age, and I could only think about how alone they would feel without my sister and I around to keep them company and fill the void.

It took a while, but fortunately they’re both doing fine now, having fun exploring new love. I never considered that maybe if they had done it sooner, they would’ve been better off. I spent more time worrying and trying to fix a relationship they no longer wanted 🤷‍♀️
3mo ago

@Penelopers Jesus I really needed to hear that. Sucks I wish my parents would have worked out. But there just ain’t no love there. Same here spent to much time reviving something that was already dead.

I hope I have a good experience with their divorce !
3mo ago

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