True equality doesn’t come at the cost of others. For the past decade, our society has focused on empowering women and young girls to reach for their dreams. It’s been incredible to watch this transformation in the workplace and in schools.

But this change in thinking has given rise to another, less encouraging transformation. Boys are being left behind. They’re doing worse in school. They’re more likely to fail, drop out or get suspended. And suicide rates for men are at an all-time high.

Our efforts to achieve equality shouldn’t come at the cost of other members of our society. No one should be left behind, and no one should be ignored.

In my view, we’ll only ever see true equality in our society once we stop focusing on what makes us different. No more groups. No more division. Equality starts at the individual level.
3mo ago
Onesaid Co-founder
@Algernon Very well said. I think what we’re seeing now is society’s attempt to even the playing the field for groups that have been historically disadvantaged. It’s a tough balancing act, and clearly we’re not getting it entirely right.

I couldn’t agree more that equality starts at the individual level. I think it‘ll take us a while to see beyond groups, but I hold hope that we’ll get there soon enough to see that transformation for ourselves. In the meantime, action on the individual level is what will get us there.
3mo ago

Living and breathing
@Algernon I understand where you’re coming from. I don’t think feminists want to see men—or anyone for that matter—get left behind as a result of lifting others up.

But the efforts to empower women are a must. Too many fields are dominated by men, tech especially. Would you want the future to be built by a single group of people? The future should represent every one of us, and it should be built by every one of us.
3mo ago

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