The future of humanity is in genetic engineering. I do understand people's desire to respect nature and its design. But, we have to admit that there are flaws in our programming. If we have the means to correct these flaws, then it's our moral obligation to do so.

We don't have to be slaves to hereditary diseases and handicaps, and we don't have limit humanity to its current lifespan and capabilities. We can, and should be the best versions of ourselves possible—and that entails taking control of our own genetic makeup.
3mo ago
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@The3rdSix You make a good case, and I’d probably support efforts to improve our genetic makeup. But, something tells me we’ll mess this up. Big time.
3mo ago

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@The3rdSix Definitely interesting perspective. I do agree that we will likely mess it up, though. However, as a Registered Nurse & Health & Wellness Advocate, I will say that learning more about our genetic makeup is definitely very important. So much so that I have recently begun working in a new field where I help educate people on the availability of genetic cancer screenings and medication sensitivity screenings, all at no cost to you if you qualify and only requiring a simple cheek swab. So amazing that this innovative field of health is now available to the masses...most of whom don’t even realize it! These screenings can help not only you but also your family members to know if you / they are at a higher risk for some cancers and then provide a genetic counselor (all covered by insurance with no out of pocket to the patient of you qualify!) so that you can live the most preventative lifestyle possible. And the genetic medication sensitivity screening can not only tell you & your provider if you are on the right medications for your genetic makeup (heart, mental health, pain, & cancer meds are tested for) but can also tell you if you are allergic or in any way sensitive to a medication without ever having to have an actual potentially life-threatening reaction! Amazing!
1mo ago

@Decide2day2live That’s very interesting! Didn’t know those kinds of tests were readily available. I go for my check up each year and have never been offered something like that. Definitely going to look into this!
1mo ago

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