People are not possessions!! And we don’t hold exclusive rights on the people we’ve dated.

Let me share this family story: I have two cousins, which are around the same age and practically grew up more like sisters. I will call them Mary and Tina.
Mary and Tina were inseparable cousins and close friends.

One day Mary met a handsome, well educated and polished guy at a dinner party. They started dating and Mary fell deeply in love with him.

For about 8 months Mary’s life revolved around Fernando. On one occasion, around the second month of dating, Mary arranged a lunch to finally introduce Fernando to Tina and other family members including me.
The very minute Fernando was introduced to Tina it was clear they had an instant attraction. Everyone saw it, except for Mary.

The situation worried me, but both were my cousins, and all I wanted was to see them happy. I made no further comments and let things run their course. And they did.

After 6 month Fernando decided to break up with Mary. And after a month of the break-up, he called Tina to ask her out on a date. She accepted and they spent hours openly talking about their feelings and how they couldn’t stop thinking about each other. It was love at first sight, they were made for each other.

But, they had the Mary factor and the Tina loyalty. She couldn’t overcome the sisterhood barrier and decided to cut all communication with what could have been the love of her life.

Fernando tried everything with no luck but after two years of waiting for Tina he got married. Mary never found out about Fernando and Tina. She got married and after 14 years she still remains happy in her marriage. 15 years later Tina remains single, and looking for Fernando in every man she dates.

All I can hope is that someday she finds her Fernando.
3mo ago
Free Spirit
@PamelaRye What a great story!! It’s so sad to be torn between family that you’re loyal to and to a potential love of your life.

I feel for Tina. In fact, my heart is aching for her. It’s very difficult to love someone so much and not able to openly say something about it. It’s torture but I admire Tina for having respect for her family.

It’s too late now but what if she would have said something. Great story and lesson.
3mo ago

We are made by history
@Jordan I am the only one that knows the whole story and back then, did all I could to convince her to talk to Mary. But she was so afraid that the situation could possibly permanently damage their relationship, that she made the decision to close the chapter by never making contact with him again. It is a sad story, but I hold hopes that someday Tina will be able to find the spark she had with Fernando.
3mo ago

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