One of the best innovations in modern communication. Emojis are almost like a universal language. These silly smilies allow us to communicate emotions and nuanced thoughts in ways we never could before. Adding an emoji to a sentence can also change the way we interpret the message.

For example, what do these two sentences mean to you?

I hate you.

I hate you 😂

See the difference?
3mo ago
@NomadicX I agree, although I know a few people who refuse to use emojis because they think it cheapens their message. I think it only makes it better 😎
3mo ago

Tough B
@NomadicX I don’t mind an emoji every once in a while but the people who put LOL after every single message drives me insane.

How could you be “laughing or joking” after every single message. #Annoying
3mo ago

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