Everything that's wrong with discourse in society. Jordan Peterson is great at one thing, manipulating conversation. His methodology is simple. He says something controversial, and when challenged, he denies your interpretation of what he said. It's impossible to have a constructive dialogue with this form of deceitful communication. And unfortunately, his rise in popularity is also making this form communication more common.

Here's just one example from his interview with Cathy Newman. If you feel this is being taken out of context, I encourage you to watch the full interview on YouTube. This occurs within the first 5 minutes of the interview.
2mo ago
Live to be active
@OriginalJohn Everyone praises this guy as if he's some sort of intellectual Messiah. All he does is point out everything that's wrong with society without offering any solutions.
2mo ago

I'm new here
@OriginalJohn The guy's so full of shit. Whether he means to or not (and I think he means to), his message just enables bigots.
2mo ago

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