Looks matter, and being born attractive is the greatest advantage of all. Real privilege is getting preferential treatment simply due to your physical appearance. It's a well known statistical fact that attractive people are more likely to get promotions and earn more money. Attractive people are also more likely to be the recipient of other's generosity and have larger social support networks.

Jeremy Meeks is a great example of the "pretty privilege." He's a former member of the Crips and a convicted felon. After police posted his mugshot on Facebook, his face went viral. Immediately upon completing his 27-month prison sentence, he was signed to become a model, and he's now dating the daughter of a British billionaire.

Human beings are shallow creatures. Those who say "looks don't matter" are just denying our own nature.
2mo ago
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I make things
@Janory Yep. Being born attractive or being born rich gives you a great advantage in life. Being born both is basically playing life on easy mode.
2mo ago

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