This is what happens when you try to file a complaint against a police officer. Every citizen has the right to file an anonymous compliant against a police officer. But when you actually try to do it, you're dismissed, threatened with arrest, and even harassed in an attempt to give the officer cause to use physical force.

This is why I don't trust police officers. The career choice itself seems to attract individuals with an abusive nature, and exercising your rights to protect yourself could potentially cost you your life.

The police force is the largest gang in America and we need the power to keep them in check.
2mo ago
The lucky one
@BrotherG Every officer in that video should be held accountable and fired. Completely unacceptable in a “free country.”
2mo ago

Digitally transient
@BrotherG No one watches the watchmen...
2mo ago

Just Another Patriot
@BrotherG It certainly shouldn’t be this way, but I would say that it’s better to contact a lawyer if you’re involved in an incident with police. Not much good comes from speaking to the police directly.
2mo ago

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