The thought of working my life away for the next 50 years terrifies me. With few exceptions, the majority of us are forced to spend the best years of our lives working in order to make ends meet. And when we finally reach retirement, just a few short years remain until our health gives way and we're unable to enjoy the fruits of a lifetime of labor.

This can't be what it means to be human. The thought of our choices being limited to a half-century of labor or homelessness is a clear sign that something isn't right. There has to be a better way.
2mo ago
Questioning everything
@Neverlesser I think about this every day. But I wonder what the alternative can be. Working hard to survive is pretty much nature at its finest.
2mo ago

Amazed. Everyday
@Neverlesser Spending a lifetime working an unfulfilling job is beyond terrifying. But a lifetime spent working towards something you enjoy, or exploring different types of work can be rewarding. A close friend of mine—now retired—worked as a pilot, sea captain, teacher, and massage therapist throughout her life. She simply followed her interests wherever they took her.
2mo ago

Free Spirit
@Neverlesser I agree, it is terrifying. You are brought up to get the best job/career that you can as soon as you get out of college so you can start off on the right foot and be financially successful and stable.

But “they” never mentioned that once you start this job, you’ll never stop working till you’re fired, you’ve had enough or the scariest, your health is at its worst and have no choice.

The positive is that I have seen personal friends of mine be successful at working full time for years but have an amazing personal life. There is a way to find a balance and still enjoy life and even possibly work life as well.

For those that are not as fortunate to fall back on a trust fund, be positive and enjoy life. It’s up to you how you live it.
2mo ago

I'm new here
@Neverlesser I share this fear. I dread being stuck working a job I dislike for the rest of my life just to keep above water.
1mo ago

Knowledge is my motto
@jenni0220 And that’s the reality for the most.
1mo ago

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