Will creepy Uncle Joe be our next president? I can’t imagine Americans will vote for a man who repeatedly gropes children and women with disturbing perversion. Not to mention, Biden is equally as tyrannical as a South American dictator—he’s just much more polite about it.

If you’re unaware of Joe Biden’s nature, take a moment to see for yourself.
9mo ago
Questioning everything
@WonderBeyond What did I just watch? He’s a creep for sure...
9mo ago

Learn and Accept
@WonderBeyond He’s unaware of his creepiness. It’s a shame. If these were his kids or grandkids there would be nothing wrong with what he is doing. But they aren’t. He is just treating them as if they are. But he shouldn’t.
9mo ago

No time for BS
@mcdeeness He’s beyond creepy. I’m sure he’s innocent but dang, keep your distance.
9mo ago

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