GMOs are our only hope to feed the entire planet. GMOs don't have the best reputation, and this is largely due to the irrational fear that's driven by the mainstream media. Not only have genetical modified foods been proven safe to eat time and time again, they‘re also better for the environment. GMOs typically have a much larger crop yield and are more resilient. This means they consume fewer resources and have a reduced impact on natural ecosystems.

But the larger reason to be in favor of GMOs is that they're really the only way to ensure that the entire global population of humanity can have enough to eat. GMOs allow us to grow foods in various environments and they produce greater output for the world. In my view, rejecting GMOs in favor of unsustainable crop production is, at best, irresponsible and at worst inhumane.
8mo ago
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Here’s a thought
@Lightdriven It’s ironic that the same group of people who advocate for the environment or for the sick and the hungry are also the ones who are usually attacking GMOs.
8mo ago

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