Venezuelans are doing what’s necessary, and the world need not interfere. The people of Venezuela are taking matters into their own hands to begin repairing a nation that’s been in turmoil for far too long. And while it’s great to see the international community support this uprising, I don’t believe it’s the responsibility of America or Mexico or Russia or Cuba to get involved.

In my view, it’s not our role to recognize or refuse to recognize a foreign leader until the nation’s people arrive at a resolution. I’d prefer to see the U.S remain focused on the problems within our own borders. There‘s plenty to fix right here at home.
5mo ago
Just Another Patriot
@JonOsman I agree. Let their people sort it out. Disappointed to see the U.S yet again threaten military action or embargoes against other countries for problems relating to another country. America needs to hone in on the problems right here at home.
5mo ago

The right way is to your left
@JonOsman It’s a humanitarian issue at this point. People are starving and dying. Forget the borders that separate us for a moment. We have a responsibly towards one another and towards life itself. What good is being the most powerful nation on the planet if we would sit idly by and watch atrocities occur abroad?
5mo ago

Learn and Accept
@JonOsman I’m afraid it’s not that easy. You’re point is valid but there is more to it than that. If we lived in a different political climate then “leave it alone” would work. But we don’t. If Russia is involved then we have to be involved. It’s just that simple.
5mo ago

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