The quality I look for above all others. More than looks or brains or brawn, a good sense of humor is the quality I find most attractive in another person. I like to laugh and I love seeing smiles all around. After all, life’s serious enough as it is.
5d ago
Living and breathing
@AudreyXJupiter Same here. Life becomes a lot more tolerable with a good sense of humor. Can’t imagine spending a lifetime with someone who doesn’t enjoy a laugh
8mo ago

I'm new here
@AudreyXJupiter I’d rather laugh than cry and I would also rather be around people who feel the same. Who wants to hang out with someone who can’t laugh at themselves?
8mo ago

Red wine lover
@Janory My favorite laughs are at myself or my loved ones.
1mo ago

I'm new here
@AudreyXJupiter A good laugh is the best remedy for any heartache or disappointment.
5d ago

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