Any bets on who will die in tonight’s episode? I’m thinking tonight’s battle will be the end of a lot of major characters. My money’s on Brienne of Tarth, Theon Greyjoy, and Grey Worm. In the last episode, each of them reached the peak of their story arc. With little left to tell in their characters, I think we can kiss each of them goodbye.
2mo ago
Digitally transient
@WonderBeyond I’m thinking we’ll finally see the end of Cersei. She’s sitting too comfortably over at King’s Landing. No way she’s going to sit this battle out unscathed.
2mo ago

Ready to explore
@WonderBeyond Martin seems to do the opposite. Rather than kill off characters as their story arc plateaus, he kills them right as their story starts picking up. That’s why I think Dany’s death is imminent. Her story has so many moving pieces, you’d think there’s no way she can die. And that’s exactly when the show loves to kill off a character.
2mo ago

Remaining Anonymous
@WonderBeyond There were deaths alright. Last night’s episode was amazing—but no spoilers.
2mo ago

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