It depends to what degree the lie goes to! BUT I know that I have been lied to extensively with always the excuse of “didn’t want to hurt me, was scared to tell me the truth, etc”. I truly believe I would rather hear the truth than a bold face lie. Once I find out about one lie you have told me it is going to make me question a lot of what you say to me from here on out. In my opinion the truth is always better than a lie.
3mo ago
It’s the little things
@allyb I agree. No matter how hurtful the truth may be, lies are even more painful. I’ll take the truth any day, whether I’m ready to hear it or not.
3mo ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@allyb I’m with you, ladies.
3mo ago

Knowledge is my motto
@allyb I think some people can’t handle the truth.
3mo ago

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