I hate when someone says they “don’t like people” And it just so happens they are the first ones to be super freaking annoying. At least before saying that, be the one perfect example of virtuality.
6d ago
Knowledge is my motto
@PamelaRye It seems intolerance is growing.
9mo ago

No time for BS
@PamelaRye Sorry to say this but I really don’t like most people. I find them to be rude, disrespectful and in some cases unnecessary. People changed. They are now to entitled and self centered. No one talks to each other anymore, it’s all about their phones or showing off the newest and the latest.

Guess I’m alone in this one but i’m ok with that.
9mo ago

Red wine lover
@Macdaddy Not alone. Liking people can be difficult. If they warrant me liking, I’ll like ‘em. If not, then you’re better off keeping your distance as will I.
6d ago

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