Depends if you have it or if you don’t. I imagine that the financially well off would rate this topic a +3. After all, money can buy practically anything.

But have you ever noticed that people who are wealthy resemble one another? Their posture, their attire, hair style, etc. And, although I’m generalizing here, they also seem to be the cheapest and most inconsiderate of others.

On the other hand, those that are not as fortunate in the wealth department tend to be more generous and understanding. I hate to admit that I find myself judging the incredibly wealthy because of the way they portray themselves, but really I pity them. In my opinion, the wealthiest are the loneliest.

So who is really the lucky one? The rich and lonely or the not as fortunate yet kind hearted?
4mo ago
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No time for BS
@Jordan Can’t buy health but sure makes it easier for the rich folk to get better than the poor #smh
4mo ago

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