Life's most dangerous endeavor is the search for purpose. Much of my life was spent searching for purpose, hoping to find a meaning that would make life worth living each day. This journey took me through several dark paths, until soon I began to question whether meaning existed altogether. When I reached this point, I let everything go and nearly lost myself completely.

It was my darkest hour, and it took a lot of great people to help bring me back. The advice that finally got through to me was this: life doesn't need a purpose to be meaningful. It took a series of chain reactions over several billion years to create each one of us. And each day we live, limitless opportunities exist to learn and experience something new. From that perspective, each day is a totally unique moment in the history of the universe, and we're alive today to experience it! There's the meaning, and that's more than enough for me.
5mo ago
Onesaid Co-founder
@Jordan A good thought to keep in mind. I know many people who have lost themselves trying to find their life's purpose. In the process they forgot to live.
5mo ago

@Jordan I used to want be someone or do something. I worked very hard and kept to myself for many years. Then, I realized that the pursuit of purpose made me unhappy. I realized, I didn't need a purpose. What I really enjoyed is just exploring life, having different experiences and learning new things. Not only is that within my reach, but it's also in great abundance.

If each day my only goal is to learn or experience something new, then each day I'm fulfilled. That's where I find my happiness.
5mo ago

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