The Academy Awards have politicized filmmaking. The awards are now meaningless. In response to #OscarsSoWhite, this year's Academy Awards overcompensated in the diversity category. Yes, Black Panther was a good movie, but it was nowhere near Oscar-worthy—let alone worthy of 3 wins and 7 nominations.

It's clear that the Academy now places diversity above quality in choosing the award winners. This is not how we move forward. How do we put racial issues behind us when race continues to be used as the basis for decision-making?

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7mo ago
Questioning everything
@JonOsman The Oscars have been riding the politically correct bandwagon for years now. Tonight was no surprise.
7mo ago

No time for BS
@JonOsman Couldn’t agree more. Diversity is great but not when it overshadows who really deserves the win.
Why was Roma getting so much love, fell asleep the first 20 minutes and couldn’t get back into it.
7mo ago

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