The Smollett hoax is a disturbing reminder to be cautious of the news you read. is racing to draw comparisons between Jussie Smollett's hoax and President Trump's national emergency. Their latest headline reads "If Jussie Smollett is a hoaxster, what do we call Donald Trump?" As if protecting our southern border is somehow similar to faking a violent hate crime.

In my opinion, just as Smollett will face charges for his hoax, media outlets that deceitfully manipulate readers to further their own political causes should also be held responsible. What Smollett did was disgusting and the media's handling of the situation is equally so.
5mo ago
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Think about it.
@Jillaxed Watching the Smollett story unravel itself was downright bizarre, and—to your point—the media’s coverage of the story made everything far more unusual. Nearly every outlet reported this story with their own political slant, making the truth difficult to piece together. Hard to blame the media though. Race-related stories are in high demand, after all.
5mo ago

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