Is any leader brave enough to abolish this barbaric practice? Throughout history, countless nations—often with the support of their countrymen—have sanctioned merciless killings of foreign citizens and imperious occupations of their land. Millions of lives have been wiped from existence, and millions of families have been ripped apart. At which point will we evolve as a species and put an end to this barbarism? At which point will we declare war on war itself?

In our modern age, we’ve come to accept that war is always around the corner. Most would agree that a Third World War is likely to happen in our lifetime. If it does, surely the devastation would be unlike anything we’ve witnessed before. After all, we now have the tools to end all life on the planet.

Should we wait until hundreds of millions perish before we finally agree to ban war? Or can we act now?

I say we take the first step. Let’s call for the world’s greatest military power to ban war altogether and dismantle its military. Let’s elect leaders brave to take a major leap forward and evolve humanity.
1y ago
@AlbertVern I couldn’t agree more. We spend nearly $700 billion on defense each year. Imagine what those dollars can do if they were instead allocated towards the wellness and education of our people?
1y ago

Onesaid Co-founder
@AlbertVern We may not even recognize the next major war as it happens. Today, it’s possible for foreign governments to gain power and influence over other nations by using technology to manipulate its people or steal key resources. Isn’t that ultimately the purpose of war?

As technology advances, warfare may evolve beyond armed conflict. But I wouldn’t hold out hope that people will evolve beyond warfare.
1y ago

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