Action-packed, visually stunning, and thoroughly entertaining. We don't often get a great film so early in the year, but Alita was a standout hit. This battle angel is a lovable cyborg with some badass moves, and watching her story unfold on the big screen was a great experience.

My only criticism is the screenplay. At times it seemed disjointed, as if the writers took on too much too soon. There were multiple story arcs, characters that weren't fully fleshed out, and villains with no motives. Alita would've had better justice broken up into two films, but it doesn't take away from the great work the film creators did in bringing Yukito Kishiro's manga to life.
6mo ago
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Out of this world
@EraAvery Saw it yesterday, great movie! I agree with you, they could've taken it a little slower and released two movies to cover this first part of the series. Still enjoyed it very much nonetheless.
6mo ago

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