Some of those most toxic people in our lives. Yet, we put up with them because they're our family. Somehow that implies a certain responsibility towards them. In my view, it should be perfectly acceptable to cut abusive people from our lives no matter who they are.
11mo ago
With a pen in motion
@SinglePlayer Blood is thicker than water. If we can’t rely on our families to be there for us despite our flaws, then who can we rely on?
11mo ago

Talented. I think.
@SinglePlayer The world is slowly losing everything that makes it good. Let’s not lose our family values too. Stick with them through thick and thin.
10mo ago

I'm new here
@SinglePlayer Despite the other comments, I agree with this post. Sometimes, family can get a little too ugly and a little too toxic. Sometimes friends turn out to be the family we always wanted ❤️ let’s not encourage toxic relationships, no matter what the connection is.
10mo ago

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