When people complain about receiving an amber alert, I lose faith in humanity. Late Valentine's Day evening, an 11 year-old girl was abducted by her father. The Peel Regional Police Department promptly sent out an amber alert in hopes of finding the girl before her abusive father could cause her any harm. The alert went out just before midnight, and people reacted by calling the police department to file numerous complaints about how the alert disturbed their sleep and inconvenienced them.

The alert helped the police find the father...but unfortunately the girl was found dead. I can't fathom what the family is feeling, and to hear people complain about a system designed to help in these situations just makes me lose hope in others.
11mo ago
@IceyBlue Heard about that. People can be scummy, but from what I recall, it was a response to the amber alert that helped police find the father. At least there are some good people left in this world.
11mo ago

Talented. I think.
@IceyBlue People will find anything to complain about. Had the alert not gone out, surly there would be complaints too.
11mo ago

I'm new here
@IceyBlue Society likes to turn the other cheek in regards to what they don’t want to see. If something were to happen to them, it would be a different story.
10mo ago

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