Trust is earned. Trust should be earned no matter who you are. It’s a rough world out there and it’s difficult to find genuinely good people.

I do believe in giving people a fair chance. Blaming someone for something someone else once did or said to you isn’t right. Be kind, be loving and good people will find you.
3mo ago
Living and breathing
@Avital Few of us are lucky enough to find someone who won’t abuse our trust. Like you said, it’s a rough world out there, and trusting others is a gamble in an already risky world. #BurnedBefore
3mo ago

I'm new here
@Avital I believe a lot of us have developed trust issues due to society’s lack of cohesiveness
2mo ago

The view is from the top
@ellamity I think we shouldn’t call it “trust issue” anymore but being cautious. There is too much at stake when we decide to trust someone.
1mo ago

@Avital Sadly over time having that trust issue is just normal. For me it’s fault of my parents relationships and terrible experiences. And also just how society is today in general!
1mo ago

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