How often do you poop? Honestly. I know it isn’t lady like to talk about bowel movements, however, I want to know. I’m grateful if I let my toxins go twice a week. I feel lighter, I have more clarity and if it’s at all possible I feel happier.

If you do poop more often, do you do anything specific to help yourself or is it natural.

Disclaimer: I eat relatively very healthy, drink plenty of water.
3mo ago
Free Spirit
@Sasha I do agree that ‘poop’ isn’t necessarily the most lady like topic, however I recommend taking a probiotic and/or light exercise. Honestly, I think moving around and giving your gut a boost really does help. #IMO
3mo ago

Pro do-nothinger
@Sasha Every morning. My bowel movements are like clockwork, I love it!
3mo ago

And still winning
@Sasha I always have to poop at the worst times. Like moments before an important phone call, or right before a big speech. Anyone else experience that? (By the way, love that we can openly talk about things like pooping. It’s one of those things that literally everyone does, yet we’re all so private about it.)
3mo ago

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