What happens when you blackmail the world’s richest man? Today, Bezos came forward with details on how AMI threatened to publish embarrassing photos he sent to his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez. According to the emails, all Bezos has to do is deny any knowledge of The National Enquirer’s political manipulations and he’s off the hook.

But, much to AMI’s surprise, Bezos approached the situation a little differently than their usual blackmail victims. He’s making The Enquirer’s sleazy tactics known to all. And it’s about time. Can’t wait to see this sorry excuse for journalism go the way of Gawker. Bankrupt and forgotten.
5mo ago
@JordanWords They’re out of their minds...Let’s threaten the world’s richest man! And, so he knows we’re serious, let’s send it in writing!
5mo ago

The lucky one
@JordanWords Good on Bezos to fight them on this. Wonder how many others have fallen victim to AMI’s “legal blackmailing.”
5mo ago

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